Family Office Services

What is a Family Office?

A family office are essentially private companies, which have been set up to look after the finances of wealthier families and individuals. A family office is therefore a private wealth management advisory firm dealing with high net-worth individuals and families. The core activity of a family office is the centralization of activities undertaken by a trusted manager/trustee or professional licensed firm for one or multi wealthy families.

Services provided by our Firm for Multi Family Clients

  • Protecting family wealth.
  • Managing Investment Risk.
  • Improving family cohesion and transgenerational smooth transfer of assets.
  • Clarifying family governance.
  • Concierge Services for personal family affairs such as children education, adequate insurance coverage and managing accounting and bookkeeping, tax planning, residency requirements and ensuring due diligence of bank accounts.
  • Arranging financing on high value Assets in UAE, UK and Canada.
  • Private Equity as an Alternative Source of Investments.
  • Company Incorporation and wealth structures.
  • Keeping a clear demarcation of personal assets to business assets.
  • Managing Real Estate Assets.


Why the need for having a trusted professional Partner?

  • Globalization as families have multiple tax and physical residencies.
  • Ensuring adherence to injunctions of Islam and acting as trusted Aameen(trustee).
  • Professional Representation.
  • Managing external relationships through one window operation.
  • Taxation Planning, Estate Planning and Family Succession.