Outsourcing & Payroll

Business Support

Experts Plus Group is providing quality of business support services which helps businesses to save the cost and reduce overheads. Business support services helps businesses to focus on the key area like business development, innovation, exploring the new markets, introducing of new products etc.

Every good business sometimes requires support. Perhaps you are just starting out and need to outsource your accounting functions. Perhaps you are a well-established firm that has a backlog in receivables and payables that needs addressing. No matter what your need if you require outside help then Experts Plus Group can be there for you in these and many other regards.


Employees rely on receiving their pay packets each month and any system failure that prevents their remittance must be avoided. Experts Plus Group can put in place an infallible payroll system for companies with a handful of local employees, companies with thousands of worldwide employees and for all of those in between.

We can seamlessly shift the burden of monthly payroll from your in-house team to our payroll professionals who will automate monthly employee pay packets in a timely and secure manner. We will also provide salary information to employees and employers that depending on need, can include:

  • Time tracking
  • Personal tax contributions
  • Pension contributions
  • Accessed advances

Employee personal loan repayments

Additional payments, such as expenses and unused vacation days

In addition to the above information, clients will receive all the necessary backup required for taxation and compliance obligations. Experts Plus Group will be a full extension of your accounting department assuring management and employees that their salaries will always be correct and on time.